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It's Priyanka Chopra 'Was Afraid Of Being Heartbroken' when she declined Nick Jonas' invitation to a first date

The celebrity coupling of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas has grown to be one of the most adored in the business. Fans were in awe of the couple's connection as they strolled hand in hand down the red carpet together at the Met Gala. Their romance began with a straightforward DM from Nick to Priyanka, and then she attracted Kevin Jonas' interest thanks to her popular TV show, Quantico. According to reports, Priyanka Chopra's co-star on the program pushed her to seek a relationship with Nick, and Kevin Jonas allegedly tried to hook them up.

But Priyanka Chopra didn't immediately go after the Jonas Brothers' vocalist. The actress admitted to Howard Stern that she turned down Nick Jonas' first request to a date because she was afraid of experiencing heartbreak once again. Interestingly, it was President Obama's farewell dinner, and the location was the White House. I didn't attend, said Priyanka Chopra in response to the offer. I was terrified of getting involved at the moment since I had gone through so much and feared being hurt.

They finally crossed paths at the Hollywood Bowl premiere of Beauty and the Beast, but Nick was more diplomatic this time. To ease the strain from their first date, he allegedly invited her and her pals. The two, according to Priyanka Chopra, were together for about eight hours that evening. The next day, they went to a Dodgers game together. “I was excited to go and have alone time with him, I had butterflies, and it was all uphill from there,” she said.

Nick Jonas proposed to the couple two months after they started dating in May 2018. The rest is history; the couple exchanged vows in two formal wedding ceremonies at India's Umaid Bhawan Palace. The famous couple announced the surrogate delivery of their daughter Malti Marie Jonas in January 2022.

On the professional front, the first two episodes of her much awaited espionage thriller series Citadel have been made available on Amazon Prime Video. The story revolves on the erasure of member memories after the demise of a large-scale intelligence agency, which also stars Richard Madden in the key role. Agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh are compelled to work together once more to embark on a daring covert mission as a criminal organization seeks to exploit the power vacuum. The pair seeks to dismantle the criminal organization while remembering their history.

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