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KL Rahul discusses online harassment on Ranveer Allahbadia's show

Indian cricketer KL Rahul discussed the bullying and abuse that sportsmen encounter on social media and the detrimental impact it has on their mental health.
Rahul appeared with internet celebrity Ranveer Allahbadia as a guest on The Ranveer Show, a well-liked podcast.
An important point was made in the show by Ranveer Allahbadia, a.k.a. BeerBiceps, who said that it has become trendy to criticize Rahul and other sportsmen.
Rahul responded to Ranveer by bringing up social media trolling for the first time and highlighting how it impacts athletes, particularly during their down periods when they most need genuine support from others.
Rahul said: “That's something that sometimes bothers me and impacts a lot of the other lads as well, that people feel they can or have the authority to criticize or say what they want when we athletes genuinely need support. Just consider what that individual is experiencing.
The cricket player said that everyone works hard and that it is terrible that occasionally outcomes don't turn out as expected. However, no athlete purposely produces a bad performance.
None of us want to do poorly, he remarked. We live here. All we do is this. I've already said that I am only familiar with cricket.
That's all I do,” she said. Why would someone think that I am not taking my game seriously or trying hard enough? Unfortunately, there is no link in athletics. You may work hard, just as I did, but the outcome won't always be in your favor.
Rahul discussed his development from a small-town youngster from Mangalore to a three-format player for the Indian cricket team, as well as his experiences playing alongside MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma, as well as insider information from the locker room and suggestions from his teammates, in the podcast.

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