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All districts in Odisha are covered by the Jio 5G network

A business representative said on Tuesday that Jio 5G service is now accessible in all district offices as well as more than 200 important cities and villages across Odisha.
According to a Jio spokeswoman, “this launch is a testament to Jio's continued commitment to the people of Odisha, especially the youth.” Jio is the state's most popular technology brand and the operator of choice for mobile consumers.
Jio plans to improve its 5G coverage in Odisha and provide people the transformative advantages of technology by quickly rolling out 5G services across the state, he added.
Users of Jio may now take advantage of the Jio welcome offer, which offers unlimited bandwidth at speeds of up to 1 Gbps+ at no extra cost, in all of these cities, towns, and villages.

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