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Kauvery Hospital’s Heart and Lung Transplant Team Honored by TRANSTAN

26th  September 2023, Chennai : The Heart and Lung Transplant Team of Kauvery Hospital Chennai has been bestowed with a prestigious award by the Tamil Nadu State Transplant Authority (TRANSTAN). This distinguished recognition is a testament to the team’s unparalleled dedication, expertise, and remarkable success in heart and lung transplantation, ultimately saving and improving the lives of countless recipients.

Over the years, the team has consistently achieved outstanding outcomes in transplantation procedures, contributing to a higher quality of life for organ recipients. Their unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible results has made them a beacon of hope for patients in need of heart and lung transplants.

Comprising expert surgeons, proficient anaesthetists, dedicated consultants, and transplant coordinators, Kauvery Hospital’s Heart and Lung Transplant Team provides comprehensive and compassionate care to recipients undergoing transplant procedures. Their collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of the transplantation journey is meticulously planned and executed, from the initial evaluation to the post-transplant follow-up.

One of the team’s remarkable strengths lies in their exceptional ability to select the most suitable organs for recipients. Their expertise in matching donors with recipients is a critical factor in the consistently successful outcomes of heart and lung transplants performed at Kauvery Hospital. This expertise not only maximizes the chances of a successful transplant but also minimizes the risks associated with organ rejection.

Dr Iyappan Ponnuswamy, Medical Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai, expressed gratitude for the award, stating, “We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from TRANSTAN, which highlights our team’s continuous commitment to excellence in heart and lung transplantation. Every member of our team is dedicated to the cause of saving lives through organ transplantation, and this award reaffirms our mission and inspires us to further elevate our standards of care.”

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