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Pizza is not necessary for who? When Abhishek Bachchan Adopted A Giant Paratha That Hooked Anand Mahindra

<p>Mahindra and Mahindra Chairman in New Delhi Because of his sense of humor and his timely tweets, Anand Mahindra is undoubtedly one of the most popular business titans on Twitter.</p>
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<p>Mahindra’s attention was drawn to a video of a gigantic paratha this time. “Who needs pizza when you can have paratha,” Anand Mahindra said in the description for a video he shared.</p>
<p>A chef is seen in the film constructing a gigantic paratha on a big tawa. Based on the footage, it seems to be the popular Indian dish aloo ka paratha, which the chef then shapes like a pizza and presents on a large plate with chutneys and dahi on the side.</p>
<p>Internet users praised Mahindra’s video and left comments on Twitter; some even questioned why Mahindra was disseminating captioned WhatsApp material.</p>
<p>Mahindra and Company The Chairman Of Twitter, Anand Mahindra is among the funniest business executives. Frequently, he tweets something that is thought-provoking, inspirational, or just plain hilarious.</p>

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