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The Government Issues A Smishing Attack Warning. Here’s How You Can Prevent

<p>The Indian government has launched websites and helplines for victims to report cyber fraud and scams, and it has been taking strong action against common cybercrimes in recent times. Recently, the Indian cyber agency issued a warning about a new scam known as “Smishing,” which is a criminal behavior intended to trick and con individuals via text messages.</p>
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<p>The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which was previously known as Twitter, posted information on the latest scam and warned users to “beware of smishing attacks,” which are short for “SMS phishing.” According to the organization, the most recent scam uses convincing messaging to deceive victims into divulging financial or personal information or into committing financial crimes.<br />
Smishing schemes sometimes pose as official correspondence from reliable sources, such as banks, well-known companies, or governmental organizations. The messages often include a call to action that has to be followed right away to prevent a bad thing from happening, such as bank accounts being stopped or receiving a notice from the tax department. “The fraudster sends fraudulent malware-infected links that masquerade a legitimate app or a link that might take users to a fake site for gathering information or dropping malware,” the FBI cautioned.</p>
<p>Never click on any dubious links seen in social media posts, charts, or SMS messages.<br />
Verify shortened URLs with internet resources.<br />
Verify the URL at all times before clicking.<br />
Utilize antimalware and antivirus software updates.<br />
Contact the bank or organization right away if you get any strange messages purporting to be from them.<br />
When doing private Internet transactions, use a different email account.<br />
Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) on bank accounts and email addresses.<br />
Use the most recent patches to keep your software and operating system current.</p>

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