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Investors’ money has more than quadrupled thanks to this multibagger stock in 2023

<p>The major benchmark indexes have seen record highs as the stock markets have had a fantastic run over the last several weeks. Retail investors have benefited financially from some high-yielding equities due to the strong attitude in the overall market. Trent Ltd., a Tata Group firm, is one such multi-bagger stock that has provided investors with incredible profits this year.</p>
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<p>The Tata Group’s retail division, Trent Ltd., has become a multi-bagger stock due to its steady profitability. The company’s market capitalization crossed the Rs 1 lakh crore threshold earlier this month. In 2023, the stock more than quadrupled the investors’ capital.</p>
<p>Thus far this year, investors in Trent Ltd have seen a gain of around 124% in their capital. In the previous quarter, the stock has increased by over 47 percent. The business has had a strong track record, generating a 342% return over the previous three years.</p>
<p>Trent Limited is the owner of well-known companies including Trent Hypermarket, Zudio, and Westside. The firm is well-known in the retail fashion, cosmetic goods, and clothing industries. Trent Ltd was running 352 Zudio shops in 119 locations and 214 Westside stores in 90 cities as of March 31, 2023.</p>
<p>The firm operates 63-star shops across 10 UK cities via a partnership with Tesco PLC, which it obtained through Trent Hypermarket Private Limited.</p>
<p>Trent Ltd. had an impressive financial performance during the second quarter of the current fiscal year. In the September 2023 quarter, the company’s net profit increased by 56% YoY to Rs 289.6 crore. In Q2FY24, total sales increased 59% YoY to Rs 2,891 crore from Rs 1,841 crore in the same period the previous fiscal year.</p>
<p>On Thursday, December 28, shares of Trent Ltd. ended the day 0.43% higher at Rs 3,023.5 a share on the BSE.</p>

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