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Best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida — Guru360 Training Academy

Digital marketing is getting a lot of attention in this era of technological advancement, where everything has been digitized. With the boom of social media and the era of new marketing trends, digital marketing as a skill is growing at a fast pace. We are all very much aware of social media marketing and the culture of content creation to promote and sell anything and everything online. All these techniques fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. In the new age, where people are mostly in front of screens, digital marketing has become one of the best ways of promoting. Businesses are taking the help of digital marketing experts to get their products and services to customers. We can easily witness the increase in the number of institutes teaching digital marketing in India.

Since teaching has turned into a business, not all institutions are providing ethical instruction. However, here comes Guru 360 Training Academy, one of the best Digital marketing Training. At Guru 360, you will learn Digital Marketing under Highly Qualified trainers who have 20+ years of market experience. Throughout your training, you will gain practical experience with 200+ tools. And not just that, you also learn and understand how to use AI with 100+ AI tools

The training institute is recognised by multiple awards, and is listed among one of the top Digital Marketing training Academies in Nodia. Whether you are looking forward to growing your career or starting your career Guru 360 is here to support you. Guru 360 has tied up with 200+ hiring partners assuring you 100% job guarantee and a lifetime support.

With 60+ hours of practical training and 30+ certification, Guru 360 will prepare you for the real world and make you a Master in Digital Marketing. Guru 360 offers courses both online and offline with flexible timings so that you can go on and make a balance with your work and training.

If you’re looking for a successful career in digital marketing, our course offers 60+ modules, live sessions, guest lectures, and workshops. And if you already know your way around digital marketing, our customizable course will help you enhance your skills. Dive in and take your skills to the next level! Call us @ 8826092295 or Visit our Website — to know more.

Opening Ceremony Guru 360 Sector 15 Noida

Guru 360 Training Academy’s opening ceremony was truly amazing, especially since famous social media stars Deepk Sharma and Shivani Gupta were there. This event took place in Noida on April 21st, 2024. Our founders, Mr. Salman Khan and Mr. Shadab Khan, addressed everyone on behalf of Guru 360 Training Academy with their inspiring words. Guru 360 Training Academy shared their vision for molding the careers of every student towards success.

Deepak Sharma

We were thrilled to have Deepak Sharma’s grace at our opening ceremony, with his charming yet formidable presence. He is well known by the name “superhero of Delhi’s Tihar Jail ‘’, where he serves as an Assistant Superintendent (ASP), Mr. Deepak effortlessly ensures the smooth functioning of operations. And beyond his professional duties, he’s also a force to be reckoned when it comes to bodybuilding. With impressive victories across India, including gold in 2019, silver in 2020, and bronze in 2018, he’s established himself as a formidable competitor in the sport. His is also a youth icon, who have always addressed our youth in the best direction.

However, his talents are not limited to this. He is also an innovative business man who created two impactful enterprises: @puchtaach and @mygoodsupplements . With these, he demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and promotes fitness and health by sharing his knowledge with a much broader public.

Based on his accomplishments across various domains, it is evident that he is a highly self-disciplined individual who is driven to achieve excellence. As a result, Deepak becomes a living example of perseverance and hard work, as demonstrated by his ability to uphold the law in Tihar Jail and sculpt his body on stage, two feats that inspire those around him.

Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta, the beauty of the fitness world, made a glamorous appearance at the opening ceremony of Guru 360 Training Academy, the best institute of digital marketing in India. Shivani Gupta, a shining star in the fitness world, calls New Delhi, India, her home. She’s not just any fitness model; she’s a powerhouse in bodybuilding too. You’ve probably stumbled upon her captivating workout videos on Instagram, where she is influencing the youth towards the fitness.

What sets Shivani apart from others is the amazing number of medals that she has won, including gold that she got at MS DELHI YMCA 2019 and MS VIJAY CLASSIC 2021. The glitter isn’t all about her; behind it lays the determination to achieve whatever she wants.

Nevertheless, this is not the end of her journey. Through her YouTube Channel, Shivani brings you into her life as a sportsperson and shares everything that happens around her. From tips on how to prepare meals to the sweatiest workouts, she doesn’t leave anything out for her viewers.

Salman Khan — Founder of Guru360

Guru 360 Training Academy founder Mr. Salman Khan made a very strong appearance at the academy’s opening ceremony. Salman Khan has over 10+years of experience in digital marketing training and teaching courses. And has worked with many leading consulting firms, helping numerous businesses in growing their online presence. With a Master’s degree in History (Hons) from Delhi University, he has had the privilege to contribute to renowned brands such as Google, Cognizant, Accenture, WNS Global, Publicis Groupe, Nexa Cars, and Terabyte in the realm of Digital Marketing and Advertising.

Mr. Salman’s work as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Nexa Cars talks about his proficiency in generating leads through SEM, Google Ads, SMM, and maintaining the marketplaces of various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Udaan for well-named brands like Terabyte, Mufti, Nexa Cars, and Khadi Store. Over his working experience of 10+ years in the industry of Digital Marketing, Mr. Salman Khan has achieved a level of expertise across a multitude of areas including mastering Google Algorithms, Google AdSense approval, SMM, SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, lead generation, ORM, content marketing, and more.

Shabab Khan — Founder of Guru360

With a deep understanding of internet marketing that goes far beyond the surface, Mr. Shabab is a true expert in the field. He’s responsible for coming up with Guru 360 Training Academy innovative teaching techniques and creative strategies for students. In addition, Mr. Shabab has contributed to the world of digital marketing through his amazing work and, as such has been recognized for his knowledge and creative thinking. Everyone can clear their thoughts with him around because he is always so calm and composed.


In this highly competitive field of digital marketing education, Guru 360 Training Academy shines as a shining example of excellence in Noida. Led by industry veterans Salman Khan and Shabab Khan, Guru 360 offers transformative learning experiences with practical insights, strategic partnerships, and flexible course options.

With recognition from multiple awards and esteemed guests like Deepak Sharma and Shivani Gupta at their recent opening ceremony, Guru 360 stands out as a leader in the field. Under the visionary guidance of its founders, Guru 360 is not just shaping careers but also shaping the future of Digital Marketing Education in India. Join us at Guru 360 and embark on a journey towards success in the digital landscape.


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