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“Innovation in Action: Bangalore Entrepreneur’s AI Robot Set to Revolutionize Healthcare”

Bangalore’s Healthcare Entrepreneur invents “Artificial intelligence based robot for healthcare”, Gets International patent ( UK Design patent):


Healthcare Entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Bangalore based healthcare management consultancy firm i.e Nipuna Healthcare Business Solutions LLP ,Rahul Rao has received an international patent which is granted by Intellectual property office, Govt of United Kingdom. This international patent is granted for the innovation in the designing and features of the AI based robot with novel features like performing CPR, enhanced clinical diagnosis of the patients and monitoring their health status with greater precision, automate hospital infection control monitoring and enhancing clinical outcomes. This breakthrough invention will have a great impact in the field of healthcare quality management as many of the avoidable errors in healthcare delivery can be nullified by this robot. The robot is also set to act as a supporting link between the doctors and nurses helping them enhance their clinical efficiency.Such innovations in the field of healthcare delivery has set India on the forefront of healthcare innovations. 

In an interview to media channel,  Dr Rahul said that concept of “AI based robot for quality healthcare delivery” will soon be published in the form a book which will he help doctors and other healthcare professionals to get acquainted with the latest research in the field of robotics and AI for superior healthcare quality services delivery.

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