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Karisma Kapoor is seen leaving for dinner in Mumbai with her ex-husband Sunjay Kapur wearing a black outfit

Actress Karisma Kapoor and her ex-husband Sunjay Kapur had supper at a restaurant in Mumbai. On Sunday, a paparazzo account shared a video of Karisma leaving the restaurant on Instagram. Karisma was seen for the trip wearing a floral-printed dress and black shoes. She was also toting a bag.
Sunjay and Karisma in Mumbai
In the video, Karisma was seen grinning and waving to the photographers as she made her way to her vehicle. She could be seen mouthing the word “thank you.” Sunjay stepped next to her automobile, but the two remained silent. Samaira Kapoor, the daughter of Karisma, and her pals were also shown in another video. Samaira was seen wearing a white trainer and a black outfit.
Karisma and Sunjay had recently met before, but this isn't the first time. Kiaan Raj Kapoor's birthday was celebrated by Karisma and Sunjay earlier in March of this year. Then, after a lengthy absence, they were seen together in public. Priya Sachdev, Sunjay's wife, and their kids had also joined them.
divorce karis
In 2003, Karisma wed Sunjay, a businessman from Delhi. Samaira and Kiaan are the offspring of the previous marriage. Karisma and Sunjay divorced each other amicably in 2014. When both parties made several accusations against one another, their divorce got complicated and was ultimately granted in 2016. In 2017, Sunjay wed Priya Priya Sachdev. Azarias Kapur, a boy, and Safira Chatwal, a daughter (from Priya's first marriage), are their two children.
After the divorce, Karisma's father, actor Randhir Kapoor, remarked in an interview with Hindustan Times, “Everyone knows our credentials. The Kapoor family. No need to chase after anyone's cash. In addition to having money, we have been endowed with skill that will enable us to live a long life. Sunjay is a guy of third class. I never desired for Karisma to wed him. He has never given his wife the attention she deserves and is a debaucher. He's been lying to her and cohabitating with another lady. Everyone in Delhi is aware of how he is. Beyond this, I don't want to say anything further.
forthcoming projects for Karisma
OTT viewers first saw Karisma Kapoor in the 2020 online series Mentalhood. Fans may see Karisma in the forthcoming Abhinay Deo television series Brown. Rita Brown, an alcoholic who is suicidal, and Arjun Sinha, a widower with survivor's remorse, are the inspirations for Brown. An relentless serial murderer who is on the run must be dealt with by the protagonists.
In addition, she will star with Sara Ali Khan in the upcoming Murder Mubarak movie by filmmaker Homi Adjania. After 12 years, she will also appear in a movie that will be released in 2024.

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